Residential homeowners are keen on keeping their lawn with plants and trees, periodically clean their gardens and trim trees for unwanted branches and dead leaves. More often than not, they tend to cut their trees according to what they deem right to do. While their intention is good, as they see fit chopping a tree that goes against electrical wires or extends to next-neighbours, sometimes, their methods of doing so create more harm and damage to lives and property.

Calling a tree surgeon to do the job is highly recommended to avoid such mistakes when trimming your trees. To save on paying professionals, homeowners forget that doing the trimming by their hands is a lot riskier than hiring an amateur. Thus, skilled tree surgeons are vital in preserving a tree’s health. This way also prevents accidents.

  1. Using unsharpened shears. A dull axe cannot save your tree. Using unsharpened blades will imperil the life of the tree if you hit the wrong part. Start with dying branches instead of randomly hitting the trunk. The unorthodox cutting weakens the points where a new fig may grow. It creates several wounds on the tree, leaving it less appealing and prone to die.
  2. Cutting the wrong branches. When you start removing a few branches, you become overly indulged. Removing the branches at random can damage the tree. Get rid only of the dead branches to keep your tree in good health. Fungus and bacteria will thrive on the bark. Also, random cutting will awkwardly change the shape of the tree.
  3. Trimming in bad weather. It is our natural tendency to prepare for an impending storm. When we suspect a strong storm will tear down a tree, we start trimming without heeding the potential dangers it may cause. When the storm passes by, there will be a lot more cleaning or the tree may not be able to protect your home. Trimming can also hamper fruit growth and from growing fresh branches.
  4. Cutting the branch collar. The branch collar is integral to its growth. Its characteristics are essential to the foundation of the branch. When you hit that part, you will likely be damaging layers, its cells interlocking with each other. The wounded part takes time to heal, or not at all, as it becomes exposed to pathogens that cause disease and decay.
  5. Messy post-trimming. Some people believe that it is okay to leave branches and leaves to dry off on the ground, but the mess they leave behind can cause accidents. Scattered leaves are a cause of slips and fall, and broken branches lying on the floor are trip hazards. They also forget like other living things, rotten limbs, fruits, and leaves can harbour fungi and pests that will attack healthy parts of a tree or another tree. It is always irresponsible not to clean up after trimming. Sanitizing the edge of the shears after using them will protect the shears and other trees.
  6. Ignorance of safety measures. Trimming trees is not a simple cut and drop. It is the job of tree surgeons who know how to nurture the tree, protect the property and the next-door neighbour, and the life of those living in that house. More importantly, they have the skill in handling tools and equipment. It takes time, study, and practice to understand the existence of trees. Tree surgeons can assess when it is the proper time to cut, trim or remove a tree because trees are an essential part of our environment. Tree surgeons gained their expertise and license to perform tree duties where they master safety measures at all times. That is why we recommend letting tree professionals handle this dangerous job. Call Slaneys Tree Surgeons today for a free quotation