Tree Felling & Tree Removal

Our arborists have extensive experience in removing trees and are well equipped for all types of tree surgery. We are tree specialists who like to preserve our trees when we can, but there are times when the positioning or health of the tree means it has to be removed. Before taking out any trees we carry out all the necessary local authority checks like Tree Preservation Orders or Conservation Area Restrictions and we will submit any necessary applications on your behalf if required. Our tree surgeons can fell trees of all sizes and in any location.

We have different methods for the specific job, all of this depends on the different factors for example location, access, space, etc. All trees will be cut down as low as possible but can also be cut to any specified height. The stump will remain in the ground unless you have requested stump removal, which will completely remove the tree, stump, and surface roots.


Professional Land & Tree Maintenance

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