Tree Pruning

Pruning is the correct term for the removal of any live part of a tree. Before any pruning is carried out, we will assess your trees individually and decide the best possible course of action in relation to your tree species, shape, size and condition. Your trees will be pruned efficiently to maintain an even balance and safe condition. All branches will be cut optimally to reduce the risk of tearing and infections.

We will make appropriate cuts to the branch collar and always adhere to the guidelines set out in the BS3998 (British Standards). This will ensure tree health and balance while obtaining the desired overall shape of the tree. There are various types of pruning that can be done firstly Target Pruning, Target pruning is an overall care that focuses on the requirements of the specific tree, by removing substances that are not contributing to the trees health.

Areas such as dead wood, rubbing branches, crossing branches are considered target pruning. Secondly fruit tree pruning this requires pruning of a fruit tree to develop a balanced shape with strong branches that will support heavy fruit crops. The aim is to develop an open, balanced series of strong branches.


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